Featured image of article: GBS Art Teacher Shares  Students’ Projects on Instagram

GBS Art Teacher Shares Students’ Projects on Instagram

Though its hallways are less crowded than ever, Great Brook School students are still sharing their art with their community. 

Since September, art teacher Victoria Burnham has been posting student artwork on the @bobcatstudioartists Instagram page. The art is usually hung throughout the school for visitors to enjoy. However, since visitors now have limited access to the school building due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Instagram page allows both community members and fully remote students to stay connected to the school’s artistic endeavors. 

Art from the fifth through eighth graders in Pod 3 is up on the page currently, but Burnham will be sharing the work from all students over the coming months. 

“Our teachers are really going above and beyond, and the students are doing great work,” Principal Foecking said. “Efforts like this help keep our school community together and make sure everyone is as connected as possible. I’m beyond proud of the work our students and teachers have done since the start of the school year, and am glad to have this opportunity to share their work with community members.” 

Students are connecting with their remote peers in other classes as well. For example, during science labs, two students who are learning in-person will work with one of their remote peers via Zoom to complete the work so that all three can work together. 

“During this unprecedented time, it’s incredible to have the opportunity to foster and maintain the community relationships that allow our students to thrive,” Superintendent Rizzo Saunders said. “It’s amazing to see what these students create and we love being able to share their creative work with others.” 

Additional resources and projects can be found on the GBS Art Studio website here