Extended Learning Program


The Extended Learning Program is our school’s enrichment program. We have elective classes that meet twice a week during the school day, as well as some 5 day a week classes.
The focus of ELP classes is applied learning to foster students who are…

  • Dependable – able to be counted on.
  • Self Directed – able to figure out what needs to be done next, without waiting to be told.schools-gbs-elp-image1
  • Problem Solving – able to find solutions to setbacks, and look at things in a new way .
  • Collaborative – able to work in a team by listening, building on ideas and valuing team members.school
  • Intrepid – able to try new things, take smart risks and be brave.
  • Reflective -able to evaluate what worked and what didn’t, then apply the lesson.

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