School Counseling

Laura Gourlay, GBS School Counselor

Catherine Mandeville, Student Support Counselor

Hello GBS Families – we wanted to reach out to make sure you are aware of the counseling services available at GBS, and so that you can get to know us better. We are available to all GBS Bobcats, both in-school and remote, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to Laura or Catherine if you would like to talk about any issues or concerns for your student.

Laura Gourlay is the School Counselor, and is celebrating her 10th year at GBS. She enjoys getting to know students as they grow and thrive through their middle school years. Learning to be part of a social community is a critical skill for adolescents, and is something our Bobcats practice every day. She enjoys having groups, one-to-one sessions, lunch bunches and games groups, and helping students with conflict resolution, learning their personal power, social thinking strategies, future career possibilities, and more. She has a Master’s in Education degree from Keene State College, is the mom of two young adult people, and enjoys reading, hiking, cross-stitching and skiing.

Catherine Mandeville is our new Student Support Counselor. She has found her niche working in schools, very much values a team approach within school and with families, and is happy to receive phone calls for any and all topics. Catherine builds a relationship with her students, and through that relationship helps them practice their community-building abilities. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Boston University. Catherine is the mom of three human boys and three dog boys, enjoys gardening, hiking, photography, and is a self-proclaimed bird nerd.

To outline the counseling and support services available at GBS, the information below is included in our family handbook:

“Counseling is available to all students, their families, and staff. Our School Counselor and Student Support Counselor provide social-emotional support and services that enable students to progress consistent with the educational, social emotional, career, and transitional goals of all students. Support services are provided in 1:1 meetings, small groups, and co-taught/in-class environments. Parent collaboration is a significant component of student success, and our School Counselor and Student Support Counselor encourage parents to view them as a problem-solving resource. In addition, the Student Support Counselor responds to crises in the moment while utilizing parent, teacher and community resources to craft a long-term support plan. Students may contact our School Counselor and Student Support Counselor through an advisor or teacher, or connect directly to set up an appointment. Parent and teacher referrals are always welcome.”

Laura can be reached at 588-6630, extension 6003, or by e-mail at Catherine can be reached at 588-6630, extension 6002, or by e-mail at



Community Resources

Here are some resources that are available to Great Brook students and parents. If you need additional information, please let Mrs. Gourlay know.

What can my school counselor really do for me?? (Source: Freehold Township Schools, Monmouth, NJ)

The River Center

The Grapevine

Monadnock Family Services

MAPS Counseling

F.A.S.T.E.R Support Group – MCH

Al-Anon Flyer

New Hampshire DHHS Medical, Child Care, Nutrition, and Community Services

Grandparent flyer