Patrick Cogan

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Teacher - Music, Choral Ensembles
(603) 588-6630

Hi my name is Patrick Cogan. I teach Music at G.B.S.. This is my fourth year at G.B.S. and my fifteenth year of teaching.
I like working at G.B.S. because of the wonderful staff that we have, the great administration team that supports us and the best part of all, the students!!!

I have a few hidden talents that many of you might not know about! In the evenings and during the weekends I do some wood carvings and I play many musical instruments during my free time. I am also a business owner of a summer art & music camp called Just Create. (

When I was a child growing up in Pennsylvania, I really wanted to be a police officer, however; I have always loved music and art. It wasn’t until I attended high school that I became very interested in teaching the arts!

I would like my students to know that each one of them are artists and musicians who creates beautiful things.

Please feel free to visit the music rooms or email me at anytime:

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