GBS PTO Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2016

In Attendance: Linda Bundy, Donna Coty, Sandra Faber, Megan Dodge, Jim Elder, Pierce Rigrod, Victoria Burham, Amy Stultz, Angie Ramsden

Treasurer’s Report:

We currently have $5,929.39 in our account. The following fundraisers contributed to the account balance.
• Halloween Party $577
• Book Fair $325.04
• Craft Fair $106.20
• Kid’s Stuff Books $300.12

Old Business:

Teacher’s Breakfast-

The Teacher’s Breakfast was a huge hit. There was plenty of good food despite having some email issues. Some parents were not informed of the donation requests. Many thanks to Joan Bando for cleaning up. It was very helpful and greatly appreciated.

Book Fair-

We tried a new company this year for the book fair. Jane loved the format. The company was out of Boston. The fair was well received by the teachers and children. The displays looked nice with minimal set-up involved.

Kidstuff Coupon Books-

47 Kidstuff Coupon Books were sold at $25. We made 50% of sales. All in all an easy fundraiser. Next year, we should consider advertising more on social media, on the morning show and reaching out to those parents in the buzz book. Kelly continues to work on buzz book. Mr. Elder suggested that Catrina help out with the data entry so that the books can get distributed.

Craft Fair-

The PTO made $106 dollars taking photos with Santa. We reduced our original cost of photos due to the photo quality. Next year it would be better using an up to date camera/phone. It was mentioned that this is a good fundraiser that will just grow in momentum as the Craft Fair grows. More signage is needed.

New Business:

Angie bought sleds for the 5th Grade and would like approval for reimbursement. More sleds are needed. The children love them. Donna Coty was looking into getting 2-3 more sleds. A motion was made to reimburse Angie for the cost of the sleds.

Gymnastics Program-

Kerry Gillespie has been running a gymnastics program at GBS since the fall. The program is seeking funds for equipment. They are seeking out fundraiser ideas. Pierce Rigrod spoke on behalf of the gymnastic program. Piece stated that they seeking out additional funding for additional equipment.
• Octagon mat @ $170-
• Low beam @ $170-
• Spring board @ $300-
• Bar @ $400-

The equipment is needed asap. Motion granted that the PTO would front gymnastics program the funds needed to order the equipment. It was decided that there would be a roller-skating fundraiser to take place January 29th. All proceeds made will got to the gymnastic programs purchase of the the equipment. The gymnastics program will reimburse the PTO. The PTO will make up any remaining balance. The gymnastics program will run the concessions, get prizes and develop and distribute a flyer.

Conval has no current gymnastics team. We would like to see the program move from internal learning to possible club competition. Gymnastics will be offered to students in the spring as well.


A question was brought up as to whether the students would actually use the swings. Victoria will ask the students to vote yes/no in their homerooms using the chrome books or using survey monkey. The cost of the swings is $2000/set.

Shirts for 8th graders going to DC?-

Mr. Elder mentioned that it is definitely helpful for teacher as it is a way to unify the group. Perhaps something “Bobcat”

Approx. 60 students attending.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm. Next meeting February 11, 6:30.



September 10, 2015 6:30pm GBS PTO Minutes

In Attendance: Jim Elder, Sandra Faber, Angie Ramsden, Donna Coty, Megan Dodge, Jocelynn Drew, Amy Stultz, Stephanie Mackesy, Kelly St. Pierre, Patrick Cogan, Linda Bundy, Monica Laskey-Rigrod, Kim Kamieniecki

PTO Officers were voted in: Angie Ramsden and Sandra Faber- co-chairs, Donna Coty-treasurer, Megan Dodge-secretary

Old Business:

Welcome Letter-
The letter sent home was very well received. Many responses. 54 completing the Pledge sheet and 85 for the Buzz Book. Jim Elder commented that he loved the forms/pledge sheet. Suggestion made for next year that we amend the Buzz Book form to include a renew option.

Public Apology-
Jim Elder made an apology for not getting very far with the construction of the outdoor theater/deck this summer. The summer just flew by. Foundation needs to be placed. We will then need volunteers to build decking. Community appeal. Bids needed. Money was raised last year by the PTO to take on this project.

Treasurer Report:
Donna Coty reported that we currently have $3,142

New Business:

Open House-
Open House is scheduled for September 16, 5th Grade potluck from 5:15-6. School wide at 6:30. PTO to set of table explaining some things the PTO does. We will also be selling GBS magnetics for $5. Sandra mentioned possibly replaying last year’s Morning Show bit.

Ink Cartridges-
Mention was made of recycling ink cartridges for money. Mrs. Bundy does it currently and said you do not get much back and the company has become more particular in what they accept. It was decided not to do this.

It was decided that we will concentrate on collecting Boxtops. They are sent in twice a year for redemption. We made over $600 this past spring. A spirit contest for collecting Boxtops will be arranged between classes.

Keurig for Teachers-
It was decided that we will purchase a Keurig for the teachers. Donna Coty will be researching best model and prices. The teachers will supply their own coffee.

A thank you letter was read from the kitchen staff thanking the PTO for the blender purchased last year. The blender is getting much use. Smoothies are offered each Wednesday morning for breakfast. The blender is also being used to make hummus and other choices for the students and staff.

Balls/equipment needed-
The students are in need of balls and other equipment for recess. Angie spoke to Pete K.(PE teacher) to determine the best way to do this. Angie and Sandra will put together a list of needed items for each grade. Pete K. will order equipment at his discounted rate. The PTO will be paying for the new items. The equipment will be put into colored coded bins for each grade. Each grade is responsible for their own equipment making sure it returned to the bins at the end of each recess.

Also noted is that the tether ball is broken. Pete K. is aware of this and will have it replaced.

It was presented that the children would love swings. The location of the swings are an issue. Suggested that swing sets be located in sets of four on the 5th and 6th recess side and then again where the 7th and 8th grade recess. Jim presented that he would include the cost of the swing sets into the next budget.
Concerns arose that the gym and playground are public property and the swing could be used by all. Jim Elder mentioned that GBS/AES would be getting security cameras installed relatively soon.

Fall Potluck-
It was decided that due to an abundance of activities planned for the fall the PTO would forgo this year’s fall potluck.

Halloween Party-
There will be dance held on Thursday, October 29 in evening for 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Sandra Faber has offered to coordinate decorating the gym. Volunteers are needed to help decorate. An afterschool dance will be on that same day for the 5th grade. Face painting will be available. Cost to get into dances are $5 for 6th, 7th and 8th graders and a canned good for 5th graders. Patrick Cogan will be the DJ again this year. A “Just Dance” format was suggested.

Rollerskating which is opened to the community for $8 will take place on Friday, October 30th.
Yankee Candle Fundraiser-
It was decided that we would continue to sell Yankee Candles for a fundraiser. The candles sales raise thousands of dollars. The profits from these sales help the 8th Grade students fund their trip to Washington D.C. Candle sales will begin in October.

We will also be selling Kid Stuff Coupon Books where we earn 50% of sales. The 8th Grade class would have the option to sell both. Jim Elder is seeking permission to sell these books.

Movie Night Ideas-
We are seeking out ideas for future Movie Nights at the Peterborough Community Theatre. An interactive movie experience??? We will come back to this at next meeting.

Book Fair-
The Book Fair will happen again this winter with Jane Gnade(librarian) heading up using Scholastic. In addition, we offer the option to purchase books at Toadstool’s. Ideally, we would like to see the Book Fair overlap the Science Fair to increase attendance.

Next meeting October 8th at 6:30.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm
Submitted by Megan Dodge, Secretary.

October 8, 2015 6:30pm
GBS PTO Minutes

In Attendance: Jim Elders, Ms. Bundy, Angie Ramsden, Megan Dodge, Tracy Kinney, Amy Shultz, Kim Kamienieki, Patrick Cogan, Monica Laskey-Rigrod

Halloween Party:

The Halloween party will be set-up after lunch. A sign-up sheet and email will be sent out regarding volunteers. A team of 8th graders will assist with set-up at 12:30.

Linda Bundy will be making popcorn again this year.

Tracy Kinney is donating bottled water and juice boxes for Halloween parties.

Baked good donations are to be individually wrapped. 8th graders will help out with costume judging and sale of goods. 8th Grade students will also be making the roller skating prize coupons.


Angie purchased a coffee maker for the teachers for $69.99

Kid’s Stuff Coupon Book

We received approval to sell the Kid’s Stuff Coupon books. They will sell for $25 each. A 50% profit will be made. It was decided that only 7th and 8th grades will be selling these books to help fund the NEHT and Washington D.C. trips.

Crafts Fair

Friends of Music will be hosting a Craft Fair on December 12th at GBS. There will be a story hour, Polar Express movie, refreshments, crafts, caroling and a visit from Santa.

It was decided that the GBS PTO will be taking photos with Santa. Patrick Cogan is purchasing a photo cube with attaches to devices i.e. phones, digital cameras and instantly prints up photos. The PTO may borrow this device. Cartridges are approx. $20. We will be looking for 2-3 volunteers to help with this. We will be charging $5/ framed photo. We will look into Oriental Trading Company for frames.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.
Submitted my Megan Dodge, PTO Secretary