Bobcat Morning Show


The Morning Show is celebrating a year on air!

Our morning news show is up and running with daily announcements, news, special features and more.

Click the link below to check us out at our website for an archive of all the old episodes.


More great news from WGBS. Our show has been selected to be part of the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference Share-A-Thon in Dec!!!
We will be traveling to Manchester and setting up a booth, to teach other schools how to do a news show on a shoestring budget!
Here’s a link to more info about the conference.
Here’s our listing for the Share-A-Thon. ( We are about halfway down the page)

We’ve also included the text of our proposal below, for your viewing pleasure.

Have you ever wished you could have a TV show in your school but don’t have closed circuit TV or ten thousand dollars to spend on expensive equipment? Are you sick of mumbled announcements over the intercom? We were! With an Internet connection, a webcam, and the program Wirecast, we started our own Internet TV broadcast. We transformed our boring announcements into a news show that broadcasts live to our classrooms. Now we use Flipvid cameras and free editing software to make our show even more sophisticated! In our session, we’ll demonstrate the basics of Wirecast and how we pull the newscast together. Plus, our middle school students will discuss tips for student production of a daily show in real life. You’ll leave with lots of ideas on how you, too, can have a student-centered broadcast that is engaging to watch, teaches leadership and tech skills to students, and is affordable to make happen.

All WGBS members take a Media Production Class to learn to to use Audacity, GIMP and Windows Movie Maker, so that they can create greenscreens, title screen, and other important technology based pieces for the show. Digital Citizenship is always an important part of what we learn. Enjoy!